Part 2: Two Excellent Reasons To Wear Nametags

by Susan Hill

It has been said that human beings enjoy hearing their names being said above all other things. I’m not sure whether this is true or not, but I know people long to be known and recognized in a group setting. Undoubtedly, people join a LIFE Group to engage in biblical community where others know them and they have the opportunity to cultivate relationships. Obviously, the first step of building a relationship with someone is learning his or her name. This seems painfully simple but, in a LIFE Group, it’s not uncommon for group members to come week in and week out and not learn everyone’s name in the group.
Wearing nametags in your LIFE Group sends the message that you are anticipating and welcoming newcomers. It’s a simple gesture that will create a welcoming environment that people appreciate. Also, nametags demonstrate that your group places high value on hospitality and makes it much easier for newcomers to learn names.
While it’s true that nametags are beneficial for visitors, nametags also have value for longtime group members as well. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and you can’t remember their name even though you’ve spoken to them multiple times? It’s an awkward situation and you hesitate to ask them their name because you should know by now. In social settings, this happens more frequently than we would like to admit. Wearing nametags eliminates this potential situation and puts people at ease.
Using nametags is a simple step your group can take in making sure your LIFE Group provides a welcoming atmosphere for guests and group members. LIFE Groups are all about Christ follower’s coming together to study his Word and build relationships with one another. Knowing each other’s name is the first step of any relationship. Let’s be intentional about creating an environment that cultivates relationships, puts everyone at ease, and makes first-time guests want to come back.