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Reflections on the Advent Season

Last December, Brentwood Baptist Church had the great privilege of hosting Dr. Ben Witherington III, a New Testament scholar who came and spoke on the birth narratives of the Gospels, as a way of kicking off the Advent Season and our study of Christology.
Click on the links below to view the first two sessions of last year’s Immersion Conference.

Session 1 – Backstory

“In the beginning”…this session looks at the back story of the birth narrative and how the Christmas Story goes all the way back before creation. Did Jesus always exist? What is the incarnation and how do we understand it? What does it mean when Christian’s say Jesus was fully God and fully man?
Click here for Session 1 Video:

Session 2 – Forgotten Story

In this session, Dr. Witherington digs into the story of Zachariah & Elizabeth – the forgotten story – and includes parallels with Hannah (mother) and Samuel’s birth and reflects on the Magnificat.
Click here for Session 2 Video: