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5 BIG Things: Continued Leadership in Pandemic

You are valued. The pastoral leadership you give to your family and small group are vital. God has positioned you to be a leader and encourager especially during this pandemic season. So many things we can’t control are frustrating, even frightful, but we know God has this. Let’s continue to ask God for the lesson in all this and the continued opportunity to be the light of Christ to our friends and neighbors in such a dark season.

Gospel Conversations

Prep a Gospel Presentation tool for your group to learn. We recommend “3 Circles” for an easy, clear presentation of the Gospel (there’s an app for your phone too!)


Take some time to look into Project Connect which operates out of our Woodbine Campus. It’s an opportunity to minister to whole families with your family. Share what you learn with your group.


To inspire your Group to look past the pandemic mess of schedules and freedoms, discuss a GOAL for the Group for 2021.  Maybe start with each person’s goal then discuss one for the Group.


What about planning a Post-Covid party? No one knows when this will be but we can sure be ready.  Who can you empower to plan, design, and schedule such a gathering? What can each couple/person in the Group do to add to this celebrative event?


Change up meeting times or days, and even the study. If you have been in a particular book of the Bible, try a different one. If you have been using a certain dated curriculum, try something new.  Our office has several choices, divided somewhat by the season of the Group.