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5 BIG Things for this Week: November 22

Jesus commands us to make disciples by: going, baptizing, and teaching to obey. Our strategy for making disciples with Jesus is to have Gospel Conversations to be GOING to our neighbors and nations, and to be a part of a GROUP that grows, cares, and equips.

  • Gospel Conversations: As the leader, your group will be only as vulnerable as you are. So, set the standard this week by sharing a Gospel Conversation testimony from your own life.
  • Going: Want to learn more about human trafficking and how you can help? Rescue1 Global will be hosting a conversation in Alicia Ludwig’s home (Group Leader, Moms of Teens) on Wednesday (11/18) from 7-8 pm. If you are interested, email Alicia at: [email protected].
  • Grow: The number one predictor of spiritual growth is daily engagement with the Bible. How are you helping your group engage the Bible day-by-day?
  • Care: Simple things count. With Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas bearing down, the limited travel and anxiety around illness is extraordinary. Emphasize your prayer list this week and then use that list to see what follow-up care might be needed.
  • Equip: Part of making a disciple is learning our own testimony and helping others share theirs. Have someone in group (ask this person a few days before meeting time) share their testimony.