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5 BIG Things for this Week: November 8

Jesus commands us to make disciples by: going, baptizing, and teaching to obey. Our strategy for making disciples with Jesus is to have Gospel Conversations to be GOING to our neighbors and nations, and to be a part of a GROUP that grows, cares, and equips.

  • Gospel Conversations: As the leader, your group will be only as vulnerable as you are. So, set the standard this week by sharing a Gospel Conversation testimony from your own life.
  • Going: Take time with you group to consider volunteering utilizing the Holiday Service Guide. Pray about lost friends and neighbors you can invite to serve with you, and then ask them.
  • Grow: Use the YouVersion app to regularly talk about your Bible reading “streak,” which is the number of days in a row you’ve read the Bible.
  • Care:

Ron Edmonson, our new Brentwood Campus pastor would like to get to know the Brentwood Campus group leaders and groups. Please invite him to be a part of your gathering, digital or otherwise, in the near future by emailing him: HERE. He’s excited to partner with you!

  • Equip: Part of making a disciple is learning our own testimony and helping others share theirs. Have someone in group (ask this person a few days before meeting time) share their testimony.