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3 BIG Things for this Week: August 16

Each week we will share the NEXT step that Pastor Mike will present to our congregation, a Group CHALLENGE, and a BEST practice for groups. **BONUS** a special word from Pastor Mike video.

  • NEXT Step: Join a group – we all need a pattern to follow.
  • Group CHALLENGE: Are you and your group serving the community? See the following for a great opportunity from our local missions team:

As a church we are gathering names of people who have been on the frontlines during the Covid-19 pandemic. Will you help us form this list by passing on the names of those within your group (or even your sphere of influence even if unchurched) who fit this category, e.g. medical (doctors, nurses, any office or hospital worker), food service, front line (grocery, mail, etc.), teachers (admin, support staff, custodial staff), etc. We’d like to partner with you to provide them a gift basket or blessing box kind of outreach. Please send names to [email protected]

  • BEST Practice: Going in service to the nations is core to being a disciple. Have someone in your group share about a mission trip experience and what God did in their life through it. Then, lead the group in prayer about how you all can participate, go, or send/sponsor someone to the nations. Also, check out missions at Brentwood Baptist.