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2019 Sermon Series

I was blessed to be a part of the preaching retreat to plan the sermon series for this year. To see 7 pastors (plus whatever I am!), come together with prayer, Scripture, lament, and dreams for each of their congregations was humbling. Whatever I thought I had become in terms of leading others, I was reminded that I’ve still a lot to learn to reach their level. I’m so excited for what’s coming down the line that I wanted to share the broad categories with you in hope that you’ll prayerfully consider jumping in on some of these sermon series.

  • February 3 – Easter: Mark; a trip through Mark to walk in the dust of the Rabbi from the beginning of His earthly ministry to the Resurrection.
  • April 28 – May 26: Evangelism; a walk through Acts to see the spread of the early church, the preaching of Peter, and the witness of Paul.
  • June 2 – June 16: Disciplines; A look at the source of our disciple-making efforts with Jesus: prayer, Scripture, and Sabbath.
  • Summer Series yet to be determined
  • August 11 – September 29: Culture; Examinations of key aspects for Christians interfacing with contemporary culture, including topics such as technology, sexuality, and racial reconciliation.
  • October 6 – October 27: Vision series for the entire Brentwood Baptist Family
  • November 3 – November 17: Grieving; a short series dealing with how Christians are called to deal with loss from Ecclesiastes, Psalms, and Genesis.
  • November 24 – December 24: Apocalyptic Christmas; a Christmas series from Revelation to remind us that the little baby in the manger is also the victorious ruler of the universe.

I pray that you recognize the Spirit’s leading in these series, from the Scriptures chosen to the accompanying disciple-making opportunities that will come with each for equipping our people. And I pray you consider elevating these themes with your groups by partnering with our preachers to catalyze an unprecedented kingdom movement in Middle Tennessee and beyond.

Our Metrics: Spiritual Challenge Questions

By Paul Wilkinson

Flowing out of our Mission Statement, Values, and 5-Year Vision are our metrics for measuring our success toward that vision. I am excited that these are qualitative rather than quantitative metrics.  We call these our Spiritual Challenge Questions, of which there are 5:

  1.   How are you being changed by Jesus?
  2.   How are you being discipled, and who are you discipling?
  3.   When and where are you experiencing life-giving biblical community?
  4.   Who are the lost people you’re praying for and having Gospel Conversations
  5.   What is breaking your heart in the world, and what are you doing about it?

We’ve been mentioning these in leader gatherings, lunches, podcast, and other communication venues. We have the cards that are easily distributable available for you and your groups:

I’ve been edified by using these challenge questions in my daily devotions and it has helped me frame how I’m discipling a few young men currently. I encourage you to incorporate these questions into your devotions and to sprinkle them into your teaching as they relate. We must continue to equip and encourage our group members to become disciples of Jesus who make disciples with Jesus.
**Reminder – the “Just Like Barnabas” sermon series will begin on October 7. Find the link to the online curriculum here and know that we have about 1000 participant guide books, hardcopy, available for you and your group members here at the Brentwood Campus. Just let your discipleship minister know what you need and he’ll be in touch with us.