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Pray for Neighbors BY NAME

As Easter approaches, I’ve been meditating on these words from our pastor, Mike Glenn: Our friends, neighbors, and co-workers are asking questions that only Jesus can answer; when you go home, go to the end of your driveway and pray for every house in your neighborhood that the Lord will send a revival and that it starts at your driveway.
Jesus has risen, liberating us from the bondage of sin and the fear of death. As believers, we ought to be the most free and fearless people in the world since our Lord has already secured the victory! Yet, so many of those yet to believe in our lives are trapped and fearful; they are lonely.
You cannot love them or save them on your own (John 15.8) but the Spirit can empower you with a heart for the lost and searching in your neighborhood and support you in conversations with them. Join Jesus in John 17.20ff. in praying for those the Spirit has called you to have Gospel Conversations with.
Because where you live is no accident but part of God’s plan, YOU begin praying for them now and challenge YOUR GROUP to begin praying for them now:

  • Pray for neighbors BY NAME as you get your mail, as you mow your yard, as you walk your streets . . .
  • Pray for opportunity to have conversations with them BY NAME
  • Pray for and plan a meal/cookout in June with them BY NAME

Who Is Eddie Mosley? Part 2

By Eddie Mosley

You’ve been here about 2 months now: what have you learned and what are you learning?
I’m excited to be at Brentwood Baptist. The people are far more loving than I even anticipated. I knew they’d be accepting, but the loving nature of the people at Brentwood Baptist has been overwhelming. Our community needs that love, the interaction of Brentwood Baptist people in their neighborhoods and communities whether that be sports, at the gym, kids, schools, whatever. We have so much opportunity for investment in our communities through our passions. This community needs the love of Brentwood Baptist.
I’ve learned that the church is very organized and detailed which translates into quality Bible study, quality care, quality ministry, and I’ve really come to appreciate that over the last few months as my father has battled pneumonia with 2 weeks hospitalization at Centennial. I’ve learned Brentwood Baptist from a different side: as a member, as a friend, not just as a staff person.
I’m spending these few months getting to know people in the community, as well. I’m excited about August 19 for Group Connect, launching new groups, and adding to our existing groups. The sermon series that we’re tying the Bible study to each week is about making disciples; perfect opportunity for us to begin to realize that God has put us on the street where we live intentionally, not by accident, not by getting a good deal, not because we’re good negotiators, but because that’s where God intended us to be as an influence for Him.
If we can engage our neighbors by being Jesus to the people on our street, it’s going to make a difference. Beginning in August, we’re going to learn more about that, incorporating it into Bible study and daily devotionals, and being His example where we’re already doing life.

Eddie Mosley is the Adult Minister–Groups, Brentwood Campus, Brentwood Baptist Church.