LIFE Groups on Mission: Gracewalk LIFE Group

Eddie received a call from a Rutherford County Foster Care Ministry asking whether there’s any group who could help a family who just welcomed into their home 3 foster kids a week before Christmas. The family was overwhelmed to provide a joyous Christmas experience at the last minute. Eddie reached out to the Gracewalk group, and here’s what happened:
Paul, Steve and I wanted to reply to you regarding the testimony requested. I’m not sure it’s much of a story. Due to the urgency and the very short time frame that we had to respond (people going out of town, etc.) three of us kicked in the money and then John Matlock went shopping with her at Target getting presents the kids wanted along with things the kids needed. They got tons of presents.  I think it meant a lot to this foster Mom. John really did the lion’s share, meeting her after work and going shopping with her. We were made aware of the need on the Wednesday before Christmas I think. The money (about $500) got pulled together on Thursday and the gifts were bought on Friday night with John’s sweet help.  It was a blessing to the four of us who participated. I am sure our class would have responded in a big way if we had had the time to do it that way. Our class loves getting to minister to orphans and foster kids. It is a primary focus of our class and we are blessed to be able to participate in loving on these young ones in name of Jesus! 😀
Blessings, Karen and Steve
We find it stunning how Karen naturally plays down what has become the Christian normal for Brentwood Baptist LIFE Groups. This story is incredible and Jesus’ name was made known for this family, the new foster kids, and all of the friends, neighbors, and co-workers with whom they interact. Thank you Gracewalk, thank you Steve and Karen for your leadership, thank you John for shopping with the foster mom, and thank you Holy Spirit for opportunity, power, and response. What a privilege it is to serve and partner with Brentwood Campus LIFE Groups!!
Please send us your stories so that we can celebrate together and encourage one another.

Prayer(s) for 2019

Nothing great achieved with Christ for the kingdom has been done without an ocean of prayer accompanying the task. Because of our belief that biblical community through small groups is the most catalytic vehicle for spiritual growth, the task in front of us is enormous: to connect the unconnected and to invite along our lost and searching friends, neighbors, and co-workers into our lives (small groups). Here’s 3 prayer concepts for 2019:

  • Intentionally model and encourage prayer for your lost and searching friends, neighbors, and co-workers in your groups. Our dream is that one day in the not-so-distant future every LIFE Group will baptize at least one person per year who has come to faith through the group. When we see LIFE Group leaders and LIFE Group members in our baptisteries baptizing those lost and searching friends, neighbors, and co-workers that they’ve discipled, we’ll know we’ve become a disciple-making culture.
  • Become the model for prayer to your congregation by praying at the altar each week during the worship hour with some members of your LIFE Group. At the Brentwood Campus, we are going to send out the prayer requests that we receive from the worship team. We encourage groups to model congregational, altar prayer for our congregation by praying for the real needs of our people.
  • Be purposeful about empowering someone in your group to send the weekly prayer request email to the group and your Adult Groups staff member. By reading these prayer reports, we learn about the goings on in your groups. We are able to pray with you and support you as you lead others through the ups and downs of life.

Join the groups teams from each campus by bathing 2019 in prayer to reach our communities in ways we’ve never dreamed.