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3 Big Things for this Week: October 18

Each week we will share the NEXT step that will be presented to our congregation, a Group CHALLENGE, and a BEST practice for groups.

NEXT Step: Church on Mission – Every Member Engaged in Mission

Group CHALLENGE: Adopt a school! Remember that many are moving to Middle Tennessee because of the quality education for their children. Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Look through this list: Better Together School Outreach and pick a school for you and your group to adopt;
  2. Email Paul ([email protected]) which school you chose;
  3. Pick up your “bin” on Sunday morning in the atrium of Brentwood Campus for your adopted school.

BEST Practice: Jesus commanded us to Love God and Love Others. A great way to love is through service. Ask your group two questions: where do we want to serve in our local community & how can we engage global missions?