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Tuesday Teaching Tip from Ken Braddy

I like to highlight other thinkers and disciple-makers in this space every so often. One of my go-to’s is Ken Braddy, who is a Discipleship Minister and works with LifeWay.
I sat under Ken’s teaching during a breakout session at a conference and he is a compelling leader.  I encourage you to follow his blog as you are able.
Check out this post entitled: Tuesday Teaching Tip: Use the 5 P’s in your Group.

Paul Wilkinson

Adult Minister | Groups Associate
Brentwood Campus, 615-324-6106

1, I, One, Eins, Uno BIG Idea

By Paul Wilkinson

Ken Braddy talked about having only one big idea for each group gathering. It is so crucial that we give our group members some concrete handles as we lead, so:

  • Play the long game knowing you can build on it next week;
  • Aim for helping them live out their faith;
  • Don’t overwhelm your group members with fact upon fact.


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