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10 Reasons to Invite Someone to Your LIFE Group

by Susan Hill

We know that LIFE Groups are an important aspect of biblical community and a crucial component in the discipleship process. Yet the longer a group meets, the less likely members are to invite newcomers. The shift is never intentional, but it happens. As leaders, it’s important for us to continue to encourage our members to invite unconnected people to the group. It’s also important for us to communicate the reason LIFE Groups are so helpful.
Here are 10 good reasons to invite someone to your LIFE Group:

  1. In a LIFE Group, you will have the opportunity to focus on God’s Word.
  2. As a LIFE Group member, you will meet new people and be known by others.
  3. In a LIFE Group, you will have a group of people who are willing to pray for you.
  4. In a LIFE Group,you will grow in your understanding of the Word as you study it in biblical community.
  5. LIFE Groups provide the opportunity to use your spiritual gifts within the context of the group.
  6. As a LIFE Group member, you will have chances to serve the greater community through service and evangelism.
  7. As you focus on God’s Word in your LIFE Group, you will be challenged to study parts of the Bible you might not study on your own.
  8. LIFE Groups provide the best environment to grow in faith alongside a community of believers.
  9. Being a LIFE Group member provides an opportunity to make close friends & enjoy lasting relationships.
  10. Being in a LIFE Group means you will grow stronger in your faith as a result of spending time with your brothers and sisters in Christ.