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Don't Forget to Celebrate

Work, work, work; more people, more knowledge, more effort. If you think that’s what exhausts the group leaders mentality, then let me encourage you otherwise: Don’t forget to celebrate! I have a tendency to dig, dig, dig, and then, dig more. Mike Glenn often reminds me to let people come up for air every now and again.
Our people get tired. They lose focus. They stray from vision. An antidote to all 3 is to celebrate what the Lord is up to in your lives and the lives of your friends, neighbors, and co-workers.
People imitate what their leaders celebrate, so take a group gathering to just celebrate. Share a meal and good dessert with one another. Sing praise for the groups successes you’ve seen this Spring: for any lost people you’re praying for or who have come to faith; for spiritual growth in each of your members and their families; for other great events/mission/life sharing that you all have done together . . . .
If you feel like there’s nothing to celebrate, then begin praying with your group about what you want to celebrate. Pray the Lord will do a work in your life and the life of your group to help you become the disciple makers you’ve been transformed to be. We want to: engage the whole person with the whole gospel of Jesus Christ anywhere, anytime with anybody. Pray for how that looks for you and your group. God is up to something; let’s be a part of it and let’s be a people of celebration.