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5 BIG Things for this Week: 12/13

Jesus commands us to make disciples by: going, baptizing, and teaching to obey. Our strategy for making disciples with Jesus is to have Gospel Conversations to be GOING to our neighbors and nations, and to be a part of a GROUP that grows, cares, and equips.

  • Gospel Conversations: Dedicate a group meeting to allow for each group member to practice sharing their testimony in five minutes. There are three phases of sharing your testimony:
    • 1. What was your life like before Christ?
    • 2. How did you come to know Christ?
    • 3. What is your life like after putting your faith in Christ? Provide any constructive feedback after each group member shares their story.
  • Going: Volunteer to engage the community by serving at the Parking Lot Christmas on 12/13. Email Amy-Jo for details: [email protected].
  • Grow: Ring in the New Year by picking a reading plan to go through together or use the YouVersion app.
  • Care: Since Group Christmas parties can’t be in-person festive as in past years, why not spice up Christmas spirit by creating “My Small Group Playlist” on Spotify and have members add their favorite Christmas and worship songs to listen to during workouts, drives, or chores around the house.
  • Equip: A unique way to celebrate Christmas and get to know more about each other in your Group is to share how the birth of Jesus has changed your life. Discuss who is and isn’t baptized in your group. Have those who have been baptized share their experience and discuss how to help facilitate the baptisms of those who haven’t yet. Contact Todd Bishop [email protected] to find out how to get baptized.

5 BIG Things for this Week: November 1

Wait! What happened to the 3 BIG things? Well, we are ready to begin (continue?) our ongoing conversation about Disciples multiplying Disciples. Jesus told us what to do and what he’d given us authority, power, and blessing to do: make disciples. And he told us how to do it: baptize, teach to obey, go. Our church family captures that Great Commission essence with the simple terms: Gospel Conversations, Groups, Going. And, we understand our groups as ongoing biblical communities that grow, care, and equip one another to make disciples. And thus is our kingdom business. So, each week we’ll have 5 BIG things anchored around Gospel Conversations, Going, Grow, Care, and Equip.

  • Gospel Conversations: Have at least one person share a Gospel Conversation they’ve had recently OR have each group member pray for one lost person in their life by name.
  • Going: Take time with you group to consider volunteering utilizing the Holiday Service Guide.
  • Grow: Use the YouVersion app to regularly talk about your Bible reading “streak,” which is the number of days in a row you’ve read the Bible.
  • Care: Spend 15 minutes during your group meeting for everyone in the group to unmute themselves and answer a fun icebreaker question. Find some ice breaker options HERE.
  • Equip: Part of making a disciple is learning our own testimony and helping others share theirs. Have someone in group (ask this person a few days before meeting time) share their testimony.